...All This Time.(live 2001) recorded in Tuscany, Italy
...All This Time.(live 2001) recorded in Tuscany, Italy
1 Fragile
2 A Thousand Years
3 Perfect Love...Gone Wrong
4 All This Time
5 The Hounds Of Winter
5 Mad About You
6 Don't Stand So Close To Me
7 When We Dance
8 Dienda
9 Roxanne
10 If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
11 Brand New Day
12 Fields of Gold
13 Moon Over Bourbon Street
14 Shape of My Heart
15 If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
16 Every Breath You Take
 Also available in DVD, with 4 bonus tracks not available on CD: Seven days,Englishman in New York, Every little thing she does is magic & Fill her up
This album was recorded on september 11,2001, as we can see in the DVD, it was really difficult for Sting and his crew to play music after all those people lost their lives. But by playing, they could see that our hearts were still beating for them. Never forget them and never forget how fragile we are...
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