Nuclear Waste
D'après l'album: 'Nuclear Waste' (sorti originalement en 1977)
Ecrit et composé par: Harry Williamson


Madam I'd like to assure you that this little
Domestic reactor will never cause you any trouble
Nuclear Waste - we don't want that
Nuclear Waste - we don't need that
Atomic Power - we've got to leave this
Nuclear Age behind in our time
A fasted breeder breaks all the rules
Gives us something for nothing - that ain’t true
And who makes the profit? - Not me and you
And who runs the risks? - we all do!
Nuclear Fear - we don't want that
Nuclear Waste - we can't get rid of that
Nuclear Power - you're hoping we'll get used to it
Nuclear Accidents - I've had enough of it.
Do you find it attractive to be radioactive
Emitting killing rays?
Splitting your atoms with a fission reaction
Transmitting out of phase?
Strontium 90
I wanna live to see 1999
There's enough energy in the air and in the sea
To give us Power to live Peace and Harmony
Nuclear Waste - we don't get used to your
Nuclear Waste - Ultimate pollution
Radiation - produces mutation
Disintegration - it's not evolution
Nuclear Children - you have the solution
New Killer Waste - better active today
Than radioactive tomorrow
New Killer Waste - need a cure for cancer?
Or you field - need the real answer
Or maybe solar - fusion nor fission
Oh darling! - Let me put my arms around you
Nuclear Waste - jamming my transmission
Nuclear Waste - damaging my vision
Nuclear Waste

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