The dream of the Blue Turtles (1985)
Bring on the night live(1986)
Nothing like the sun (1987)
Nada como el sol (1988)
The soul cages (1991)
Acoustic live in Newcastle (1991)
Ten summoners tales (1993)
Mercury falling (1996)
Brand new day (1999)
Autres albums, best of et Bandes originales de Films
Dolphins (soundtrack)(2000)
The Emperor New Groove (soundtrack) (2000)
Fields of gold (1994)
Best of Sting & The Police (1997)
The living sea (soundtrack)(1995)
Demolition Man (soundtrack)
Sting at the movies (soundtracks) (1997)
Still be in love with the World (2001)
Best of Sting & The Police (2002)
  Last Sessions avec Gil Evans (1987)